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Dog.logo 8





Rapture Theatre was founded in 2000 by theatre director Michael Emans.


For Rapture to be recognised as Scotland’s premier touring theatre company and to enrich the lives of its audiences through high quality touring productions and inspiring education and participation activities.


To enhance the reputation of Rapture by producing, with our partners, a body of high quality eclectic work, touring that work throughout Scotland, increasing audiences for theatre, connecting with and stimulating our audience members and also, through our activities, inspire confidence and encourage a new generation of writers, directors and theatre makers.

Rapture Theatre is a member of the Federation of Scottish Theatre [FST] and the Independent Theatre Council [ITC]

Rapture Theatre is delighted to be supported through Creative Scotland's Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance.          

Creative Scotland bw




Phentermine Best Place To Buy Online, Order Phentermine Australia



 MICHAEL EMANS, Artistic Director








lyn mcandrew 170px

LYN MCANDREW, Co-Artistic Director








ChrisCHRISTINA COX, Project Co-ordinator