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The Collection 2006

Rapture Theatre in association with The Citizens' Theatre
The Collection by Mike Cullen

Rapture, Scotland’s foremost contemporary touring theatre company, is to tour the Scottish revival of The Collection by Mike Cullen, the acclaimed Scottish writer of The Cut and Anna Weiss.

About the Play

Lawson is the best collector in the business; operating in the seedy world of debt collection, he is at the top of his profession. However, when one of his clients commits suicide Lawson’s life is shattered irrevocably.
As the mystery deepens around the suicide, the noose tightens, the stakes are raised and Lawson and his colleagues are pushed into a deadly power game from which there can only be one winner. This mysterious play, which is both funny and shocking, will have audiences on the edges of their seats.
With the combination of Harold Pinter’s wit and power, mixed with the night time atmosphere and gritty detective story milieu of Taggart, this is bound to be one of the highlights of the theatrical year.


The Cast

Once again Rapture has assembled a top-notch cast of Scottish actors and is proud to give Scottish talent a platform
The cast features Jimmy Chisholm as part of a crack ensemble of Scottish actors that include acclaimed actors Stewart Porter, Paul Thomas Hickey and leading versatile Scottish actress Fletcher Mathers. Jimmy, one of Scotland’s national treasures, will be taking on the role of Lawson. Scottish audiences will be intrigued to see Jimmy in a serious dramatic role that will have them talking for years to come. Jimmy is delighted to be working with Rapture for the second time after his critically lauded performance in last season’s Rapture hit Blue/Orange. The other members of the cast Stewart Porter, Paul Thomas and Fletcher Mathers will enjoy their first Rapture show and all three will bring an exciting new dimension to Rapture’s work.

What the papers said:
"Riveting" -- The Herald
"Jimmy Chisholm is superb" -- The Scotsman
"Power, sex, death -- this Collection has it all" --- The Sunday Herald
"Stellar cast of Scottish talent" -- The Metro
"Chisholm's performance is outstanding" -- The List

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