Uncle Varick

Rapture Theatre
Uncle Varick By John Byrne

Rapture Theatre and Mull Theatre, in association with the Tolbooth, are delighted to present Uncle Varick, John Byrne’s contemporary adaptation of Chekov’s classic Uncle Vanya.

Relocated to 1960’s rural Scotland, Uncle Varick is the moving yet humorous story of what happens when the rock and roll of swinging sixties London collides with the rock and moss of remote Scotland.

It follows Sandy Sheridan, pretentious art critic and self proclaimed cultural icon, who returns from London to his Scottish country pile - with his new, much younger, wife in tow. Waiting for him are his stoical daughter Shona and his acerbic ex-brother in law: Uncle Varick. Add in the handsome local doctor and the not so handsome neighbour and you have a play full of comedy, jealousy, pathos, passion and lust – and not forgetting some very dodgy chain saws.


The play stars a top quality cast of Scottish actors led by Jimmy Chisholm (Para Handy and High Road), alongside Dave Anderson (City Lights and Gregory’s Girl), John Stahl (High Road and Game of Thrones), George Anton (Hamlet at EIF and Law and Order UK), Steve Fitzgerald (Shang a Lang), Maureen Carr (Still Game and NTS), Ashley Smith (Scot Squad and The Sash), Anne Kidd (Shetland) and Selina Boyack (CATS Award Nominee).

Set against a sensational sixties soundtrack, arranged and performed by Dave ‘Wildcat’ Anderson, Uncle Varick is an entertaining and thought provoking night out.

“I welcome Rapture's brand new production of my 'Uncle Varick' with open arms, not only because it's the first revival since it premiered in 2004, but to witnessing what sounds like a really terrific cast giving the old bugger a theatrical 'kiss of life' - Bravo, Michael Emans!”
John Byrne (writer of Tutti Frutti & The Slab Boys)

Presented by Rapture Theatre, Scotland’s premier touring company, Uncle Varick continues its reputation for combining quality and populism with a fantastic cast of Scottish performers bringing the humour and drama of the script to thrilling life.


Watch the 'Behind The Scenes" trailer! 


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Uncle Varick "Behind the Scenes Trailer" Unscene Productions
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