The Last Yankee

Rapture Theatre 
The Last Yankee by Arthur Miller

To celebrate the centenary of Arthur Miller, Rapture Theatre is producing one of the legendary writer’s last great plays. Leroy Hamilton, a descendant of one of America’s founding fathers and “The Last Yankee”, lives a modest life as a carpenter and has eschewed the pursuit of the American Dream. This has estranged him from his wife, Patricia, who is in hospital and suffering from depression. Over the course of one day, Leroy and Patricia try to come to terms with Leroy’s choices and Patricia’s ‘illness’, and they take a tentative step towards reconciliation and a brave new future. The Last Yankee reflects Miller’s themes of the devastating consequences for those who fail to achieve the mythical riches of the American Dream. Rapture Theatre is proud that The Last Yankee will be part of the Scottish Mental Health Film and Theatre Festival 2015. Humorous and ultimately uplifting, The Last Yankee is classic Miller that is not to be missed.




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(From L to R - David Tarkenter, Pauline Turner, Stewart Porter and Jane McCarry)

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The Last Yankee and Rapture Theatre are proud to be a part of this year's Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (SMHAFF), 2015. Click Buy Phentermine Blue And White Capsules to read an article about the production written by SMHAFF volunteer reporter Mark Jones.



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