Rapture Theatre offered education groups the exciting opportunity to participate in a discussion with critically acclaimed theatre director Michael Emans, and Cast/Creative team members, about their production of Michael Frayn’s award-winning and highly topical play Democracy.

Democracy is set in West Germany, 1969 and centres around the scandal of a Stasi spy within Chancellor Willy Brandt’s government. Political history, citizenship, espionage and corruption all feature, making this play not only ideal for pupils studying Drama or English, but would also hugely benefit those studying History or Modern Studies. The play’s themes ideally reflect many current events happening within contemporary politics today.

These engaging sessions offered a unique occasion to gain first-hand knowledge of the processes and preparation behind the rehearsal and research of a dramatic production.  Sessions were tailored to specific requirements (on request) and included discussions on: the Director’s Concept, an Actor’s Prep, the process of Researching a Theme as well as decisions made within Creative Production Design.


Additional notes for school groups. The Q&A sessions for Democracy aim to increase awareness, understanding and learning within the following curriculum subject areas:


  • Evaluation and appreciation of creative practices
  • Understanding of script
  • Research – characters/themes/social and historical context and politics
  • Development and knowledge of the Drama Process (creating drama)


  • Apply knowledge and understanding of detailed and complex spoken language
  • Evaluate text in the context of a dramatic script
  • Listening and talking skills through group discussion

Social Studies

  • Gain an insight into social and cultural issues from European history in the 1960/70s
  • Develop citizenship by deepening an understanding of issues facing contemporary society
  • Research – The Cold War era (1962-85), specifically the progress of German unification once again, with the demise of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

An education resource is available for download in support of Rapture’s production of Democracy. The pack contains background information on the play and is written to enhance the experience of watching the performance. (Click on the image below to download).

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