A Number

By Caryl Churchill

Directed by Lyn McAndrew
Designed by Frances Collier
Photography by Infinite Blue Designs

Tour Dates

May -
June 2022

You’ve made a really bad mistake in life. Is it possible to start over? What if you hurt others in the process? And what happens when your actions finally catch up with you?
Salter may be sorry for decisions he has made in his past, but is his remorse enough?
It is Salter’s son, Bernard, who must face the consequences of his father’s devastating decisions when he discovers that he is one of “a number” of Bernards whom his father has had cloned.
Caryl Churchill’s powerfully disturbing drama, winner of the Evening Standard Award for Best Play, considers the damage parents can do to children, explores the question of nature versus nurture and asks whether any of us can truly escape our past.

Tour Dates

16 May 2022

1:15 pm

17 May 2022

1:00 pm

Castle Douglas

18 May 2022

1:30 pm


20 May 2022

1:00 pm

St. Andrews

21 May 2022

1:00 pm


23 May 2022

1:00 pm

25 May 2022

1:00 pm

26 May 2022

6:00 pm

Please note this is an evening performance.

27 May 2022

1:00 pm


29 May 2022

2:00 pm

Please note there is also a 5pm High Tea Performance - see venue for details.

31 May 2022

1:00 pm


2 June 2022

1:00 pm


4 June 2022

1:00 pm


5 June 2022

2:00 pm

Cast & Creatives

Robin Kingsland


Paul Albertson


Lyn McAndrew


Frances Collier


Show Notes

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Running Time
1 hour
Suitable for
Light lunch/Bite served (usually 1 hour prior to performance start time)
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