Blue Orange

By Joe Penhall

Directed by Michael Emans

Tour Dates

April -
June 2005

Blue/Orange received its world premiere at the National Theatre in 2000. The critics were unanimous in their praise.  In 2000, Joe Penhall’s Blue/Orange received Best New Play awards from the London Evening Standard and the Critics’ Circle. In 2001 it received an Olivier Award for Best New play.

The stage is set for a battle of wills between two doctors looking after a patient who believes himself to be the son of infamous dictator Idi Amin. As the drama unfolds, his story becomes unnervingly plausible. Combining drama with moments of comedy, this thriller reaches an exciting climax as the doctors’ clash becomes more personal.

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Cast & Creatives

Christopher John Hall


Greg Powrie


Jimmy Chisholm


Michael Emans


Lyn McAndrew


Davy Cunningham

Lighting Designer

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