Last of the Red Hot Lovers

By Neil Simon

Directed by Michael Emans

Tour Dates

February 2009

It’s Valentine’s season with love and romance in the air and Rapture Theatre are touring their latest production, Last of the Red-Hot Lovers. The show is Pulitzer Prize-winning author Neil Simon’s 60’s classic about sex, love and seafood.

Barney Cashman married his high school sweetheart and now runs a fish restaurant. It seems the whole world is cashing in on the sexual revolution except him. Barney devises a plan to have one sweeping affair before life passes him by; seduce a woman at his mother’s apartment while she’s at work. The results are both comic and touching as Barney learns a lot about women and even more about life. The zippy one-liners mixed with a liberal helping of pathos make the perfect recipe for a great night out.

Director Michael Emans says, “Barney is a sweet, gentle soul who is no match for the women he brings to his mother’s apartment. Behind some great, laugh out loud moments, is a tender portrayal of a man on the verge of a mid- life crisis. Barney’s story will stay with you long after the laughter has faded.”

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Billy Mack


Jane McCarry


Lisa Gardner


Fletcher Mathers


Michael Emans


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