By Harold Pinter

Directed by Michael Emans
Designed by Lyn McAndrew
Lighting by Stephen Sinclair

Tour Dates

August -
September 2008

Desire…. Deceit… Betrayal!

Harold Pinter’s modern classic is a scintillating tale of friendship, love and adultery set in the world of writing and literature.

Jerry is having an affair with Emma! However, Emma is the wife of Jerry’s best friend Robert! Will Robert ever find out? Will the affair test Jerry and Robert’s friendship to breaking point? Are Emma and Jerry really in love or is it just…… Betrayal?

Journeying from a cosmopolitan London to Mediterranean Venice and back, moving backwards and forwards in time, Pinter’s play captures the grand passions and the sly maneuverings of the human heart. Rumoured to be based on Pinter’s alleged affair with BBC presenter Joan Bakewell this is the classic love triangle with a twist. Dramatically ironic and painfully funny this is Pinter at his best and is a must see.

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Cast & Creatives

Claire Swinburne


Paul Albertson


David Tarkenter


David Walshe


Michael Emans


Lyn McAndrew


Stephen Sinclair

Lighting Designer


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